Dialog Control Methods

The methods described in this section control the execution of the dialog; they are for internal use only.


                         +-icon-+  +-,--modal--+

The StartIt method is intended for internal use only. It is used to create a real Windows object based on a dialog template. For a RcDialog the template is supplied by a resource script file. For a UserDialog the template is created by using the Add... methods. The method is called by the Execute or ExecuteAsync methods.

Internal Use:

This method is intended for internal use. It can be overridden, although that is not recommended.


There are two optional arguments:


The resource ID of the icon to be used as the dialog icon. When this argument is omitted the default dialog icon is used.


If a modal or a modeless dialog is to be created. A value of 0 signals a modal dialog should be created. A value of 1, or the string "NOTMODAL" case insignificant, signals a modeless dialog should be created. The default is 0.



The StopIt method is for internal use only. It is the counterpart to the BaseDialog class StopIt method to remove the Windows object.


This method is protected and cannot be called from outside the instance. It can be overwritten, although this is not recommended.