Methods for Dialog Items

The methods listed in this section deal with individual dialog items on one of the pages of the category dialog.

The methods correspond to methods with similar names of the BaseDialog class; the word Category is inserted between the verb and the dialog item in the method name. For example, AddCategoryComboEntry for the CategoryDialog class has the same function as AddComboEntry of the BaseDialog class.

Note: The methods listed here have the same parameters as the corresponding methods of the BaseDialog class, with the number of the category page as an extra parameter.

Another way to directly address dialog items of a category dialog is to retrieve an object of the DialogControl class (see page DialogControl Class) or one of its derivates that is associated with the requested dialog control. To retrieve such an object, you can call one of the following methods depending on the requested control:

To use these methods and the resulting objects, your category dialog must inherit from the mixin class AdvancedControls. You can do this by adding the keyword "inherit" followed by the mixin class name "AdvancedControls". For example:

::class MyCategory subclass CategoryDialog public inherit AdvancedControls