The LineScroll method scrolls the text in a multiline edit control vertically or horizontally by the specified number of characters and lines.


The arguments are:


The number of characters to be scrolled horizontally.


The number of lines to be scrolled vertically.

Return value:

0 if the message is sent to a multiline edit control, or a non-zero value if the message is sent to a single-line edit control.


The following example scrolls an edit control by 50 characters and 35 lines:

edit~Scroll(50, 35)

Note: The edit control does not scroll vertically past the last line of text. If the current line, plus the number of lines specified by sLines, exceeds the total number of lines in the edit control, the last line of the edit control is scrolled to the top. The LineScroll message can, however, be used to scroll horizontally past the last character of a line.