Hides the balloon information window displayed by the ShowBalloon method. The operating system will dismiss the balloon window automatically after 10 seconds with no programmer intervention. This method can is used to dismiss the ballon sooner.

Operating System Version

This method is only available on Windows XP or later operating systems. If the method is used on an unsupported operating system, -4 is returned.


This method takes no arguments.

Return value:

The retrun value will be one of the following:

less than -4

The value is the negated Operating System Error code. The absolute value of the return can be used to look up the error reason in the Windows documentation.


The operating system does not support this method. Windows XP or later is required.


There is an (internal) problem with the dialog or the dialog handle.


There is an (internal) problem with the resource ID or window handle of the edit control.


The method succeeded.


The method failed.


For an example see the ShowBalloon example.