Returns the edit control's current style as a blank delimited list of style keywords.


The method takes no arguments.

Return value:

A string consisting of blank delimited style keywords. The possible keywords are: VISIBLE HIDDEN TAB NOTAB DISABLED ENABLED GROUP HSCROLL VSCROLL PASSWORD MULTILINE AUTOSCROLLH AUTOSCROLLV READONLY WANTRETURN KEEPSELECTION UPPER LOWER NUMBER OEM RIGHT CENTER LEFT. The meaning of these style keywords is documented in the addEntryLine method.

In addition, if there is an internal error, it is possible that a negative error code might be returned. These error codes are documented here, but it is unlikely that the ooDialog programmer would ever see them.

-3 or less

The value is the negated Operating System Error code. The absolute value of the return can be used to look up the error reason in the Windows documentation.


There is an (internal) problem with the dialog or the dialog handle.


There is an (internal) problem with the resource ID or window handle of the edit control.


The following example could be from a fictitious application that changes the style of an edit control back and forth between accepting numbers only and accepting all characters based on the options the user has selected.

editControl = dlg~getEditControl(IDC_ENTRYLINE)
if .nil == editControl then return
style = editControl~getStyle
if style~wordPos("NUMBER") <> 0 then