+-min-+     +-max-+

The setRange method sets the minimum and maximum values for the progress bar. The minimum and maximum values are signed numbers. To use the entire range possible the programmer would use -2147483648 through 2147483647 for the minimum and maximum.


Raises syntax errors when incorrect arguments are detected.


The arguments are:


Optional. The minimum range value. The default is 0.


Opitonal. The maximum range value. The default is 100.

Return value:

A string containing the minimum and maximum value of the previous range, separated by a blank. The first word in the string is the old minimum and the second word is th old maximum.

Note that the underlying progress bar does not return the full 32-bit value of the range. It returns the range within the old limit of 0 through 65535. If the programmer is using a range outside those values, the returned previous value here will not be correct. To retrieve the correct 32-bit values, use the getRange() method