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Sets the progress bar to marquee mode. This causes the progress bar to move in a scrolling manner. Use this method when you do not know the amount of progress toward completion but wish to indicate that progress is being made.

This method is used to start or stop the scrolling. Note that the progress bar has to have the PBS_MARQUEE style. When using the addProgressBar() method in a UserDialog class the style keyword is MARQUEE. Otherwise, a resource editor will handle adding the PBS_MARQUEE style flag to the resource script.

Each time the marquee mode is turned on, the progress bar is reset to the minimum of its range.


This method requires Common Control Library version 6.0 or later. If necessary use the comCtl32Version() method to determine the current version of the library.

Raises syntax errors when incorrect arguments are detected.

Requires the progress bar to have the PBS_MARQUEE style.


The arguments are:


Optional. True or false. True to start the marquee, false to stop it. The default is true to start the marquee.


Optional. The time in milliseconds between the animation. The default is 1000 (one second.)

Return value:

This method always returns .true.


This example turns marquee mode on and sets the time between updates at one half of a second:

  pb = self~getProgressBar("IDC_PB_SEARCHING")
  if pb \== .nil then pb~setMarquee(.true, 500)