How This Book is Structured

This document should be divided into two parts - a tutorial and a reference. In the original documentation accompanying IBM's Object Rexx, the documentation was in two parts. Unfortunately, the tutorial portion mostly described how to use the IBM Resource Workshop. The Resource Workshop has not been contributed to the open source community and is therefore not a part of the Open Object Rexx project. Because the tutorial section was primarily directed towards using the Resource Workshop, it does not make much sense in the current context.

This book is primarily a reference that describes the classes and methods in detail. There is no tutorial. The tutorial portion needs to be written (or re-written depending on your point of view.)

Note: There is no loss of functionality in ooDialog because of the absence of the Resource Workshop. The Windows resource format is well understood and there are any number of free or inexpensive resource editors that do a better job of designing dialogs than the Resource Workshop did. (The Resource Workshop was a 16-bit application with limited capacity for the newer features in the Windows user interface.) ooDialog works fine with dialogs designed by any modern resource editor.