Chapter 1. About This Book

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Who Should Read This Book
What You Should Know before Reading This Book
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This book describes the Open Object Rexx, or Object Rexx programming language. In the following, it is called Rexx unless compared to its traditional predecessor.

This book is aimed at developers who want to use Rexx for object-oriented programming, or a mix of traditional and object-oriented programming.

This book assumes you are already familiar with the techniques of traditional structured programming, and uses them as a springboard for quickly understanding Rexx and, in particular, Object Rexx. This approach is designed to help experienced programmers get involved quickly with the Rexx language, exploit its virtues, and become productive fast.

Who Should Read This Book

Anyone interested in getting a basic understanding of object-oriented concepts should read this book. Experienced programmers can learn about the Rexx language and how it is like and unlike other structured programming languages. Programmers who want to broaden their programming knowledge can learn object-oriented programming with Rexx. Users already experienced with Rexx can learn about object-oriented programming (OO) in general, and OO programming with Rexx in particular.

Programmers who want to make their applications (typically coded in C) scriptable by Rexx, extend the Rexx language, or control Rexx scripts from other applications should read the application programming interface (API) information.