ADDRESS Instruction

To send a command to a specific environment, use this format of the ADDRESS instruction:

ADDRESS environment expression

For environment specify the destination of the command. To address the Windows environment, use the symbol CMD. For expression, specify an expression that results in a string that Rexx passes to the environment. Here are some examples:

address CMD "dir"     /* pass the literal string      */
                      /* "dir" to Windows             */

address "bash" "ls"   /* pass the literal string      */
                      /* "ls" to the Linux bash shell */

cmdstr = "dir *.txt"  /* assign a string              */
                      /* to a variable                */

address CMD cmdstr    /* Rexx passes the string       */
                      /* "dir *.txt" to Windows       */
address edit "rain"   /* Rexx passes the "rain"       */
                      /* command to a fictitious      */
                      /* environment named edit       */

Notice that the ADDRESS instruction lets a single Rexx program issue commands to two or more environments.