Getting Other Information about a File

The QUERY method can also return date and time stamps, read position, write position, the size of the file, and so on. The following example shows most of the QUERY arguments.

/* INFOON.CMD - display information about a file */
parse arg fid
if fullpath="" then do
   say fid "does not exist."
say ""
say "Full path name:" fullpath
say "Date and time stamps (U.S. format):" qfile~query("datetime")
say "            (International format):" qfile~query("timestamp")
say ""
say "Handle associated with stream:" qfile~query("handle")
say "                  Stream type:" qfile~query("streamtype")
say ""
say "          Size of the file (characters):" qfile~query("size")
say " Read position (in terms of characters):" qfile~query("seek read")
say "Write position (in terms of characters):" qfile~query("seek write")