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Creates or opens an event semaphore. It returns an event semaphore handle that can be used with SysCloseEventSem, SysOpenEventSem, SysResetEventSem, SysPostEventSem, and SysWaitEventSem. SysCreateEventSem returns a null string ("") if the semaphore cannot be created or opened.



The optional event semaphore name. If you omit name, SysCreateEventSem creates an unnamed, shared event semaphore. If you specify name, SysCreateEventSem opens the semaphore if the semaphore has already been created. A semaphore name can be MAX_PATH long, and can contain any character except the backslash (\) path-separator character. Semaphore names are case-sensitive.


A flag to indicate that the event semaphore must be reset manually by SysResetEventSem. If this parameter is omitted, the event semaphore is reset automatically by SysWaitEventSem.