SysDriveMap (Windows only)

                +-drive-+ +-,opt-+

Returns a string listing accessible drives (separated by blanks) in the form: C: D: ....



The first drive letter of the drive map. The default is "C:".


The drivemap option. This can be:


returns the drives that are accessible or in use, including all local and remote drives. This is the default.


returns drives that are free or not in use.


returns only local drives.


returns only remote drives, such as redirected LAN resources or installable file system (IFS) attached drives.


returns removable drives.


returns CD-ROM drives.


returns drives assigned from RAM.


/* Code */
say "Used drives include:"
say SysDriveMap("C:", "USED")
/* Output */
Used drives include:
C: D: E: F: W: