SysGetMessage (Unix only)

                      |               |  +---------+  |
                      |               |  V         |  |
                      |               +----,--str--+--+
                      |  +---------+                  |
                      |  V         |                  |

Retrieves a message from a catalog file and replaces the placeholder %s with the text you specify. SysGetMessage can replace up to 9 placeholders.

This utility is implemented for Unix only.

To create catalog files, consult your system documentation.



The message number.


The name of the catalog file containing the message. The default message catalog is SysGetMessage searches along the NLSPATH or uses the absolute path name.


The test for a placeholder (%) in the message. The message can contain up to 9 placeholders. You must specify as many strings as there are placeholders in the message.


/* sample code segment using SysGetMessage */
msg = SysGetMessage(485, "", foo)
say msg
/*** Output ***/
Class "foo" not found.