Returns a version number that identifies the current level of the Rexx Utilities package. It can be used to verify the availability of certain functions.

Return code: The REXXUTIL version number in the format


Because this function was not part of the original packaging, a sample logic to check for a certain level of RexxUTIL can look as follows:

If RxFuncQuery("SysUtilVersion") = 1 |,
   SysUtilVersion() < "2.00" Then
     Say "Your RexxUTIL.DLL is not at the current level"

If a specific function should be used that was added at a later REXXUTIL level a similar check can be performed by querying this function as follows:

If RxFuncQuery("SysSetFileDateTime") = 1 Then
  Say "Your REXXUTIL.DLL is not at the current level"