RXQUEUE Utility Program

RXQUEUE issues the following errors:

Error 119 - The REXX queuing system is not initialized.


The queuing system requires a housekeeping program to run. This program usually runs under the Presentation Manager shell. The program is not running.

Error 120 - The size of the data is incorrect.


The data supplied to the RXQUEUE command is too long. The RXQUEUE program accepts data records containing 0 - 65472 bytes. A record exceeded the allowable limits.

Error 121 - Storage for data queues is exhausted.


The queuing system is out of memory. No more storage is available to store queued data.

Error 122 - The name %1 is not a valid queue name.


The queue name contains an invalid character. Only the following characters can appear in queue names:

           'A' .. 'Z', '0' .. '9', '.', '!', '?', '_'


Error 123 - The queue access mode is not correct.


An internal error occurred in RXQUEUE. The RXQUEUE program tried to access a queue with an incorrect access mode. Correct access modes are LIFO and FIFO.

Error 124 - The queue %1 does not exist.


The command attempted to access a nonexistent queue.

Error 131 - The syntax of the command is incorrect

Error 132 - System error occurred while processing the command