Chapter 1. Introduction

Table of Contents
Using the RxMath package
Error Handling and Function Returns

RxMath is a Rexx utility package that enables you to use enhanced mathematical functions.

The function names in the Rexx Mathematical Functions package are similar to the names of their corresponding mathematical functions.

The precision of calculation depends on:

Note: Precision is limited to 16 digits.

Using the RxMath package

The Rexx Mathematical Functions package is contained in the library rxmath, with the appropriate file name for the operating system. This library must be loadable by the operating system using the normal procedure for the system. For instance, on Windows the file must be placed in a directory listed in your PATH. When installing ooRexx from any of the installation packages, the details of where the file is placed are handled automatically.

Beginning with ooRexx 4.0.0, a more robust process is used to load external functions. To get access to the functions in the Rexx Mathematical Functions package, use a ::requires directive. For example:

say 'The square root of 3 is:' RxCalcSqrt(3)

::requires 'rxmath' LIBRARY

Existing code that used the previous proces to load external functions:

call rxfuncadd "MathLoadFuncs", "rxmath", "MathLoadFuncs"

does not need to be changed. However, both MathLoadFuncs() and MathDropFuncs() are nops in ooRexx 4.0.0 and later.