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This book describes extensions to the Open Object Rexx Interpreter that are specific to the Windows operating system. The extensions are in three main categories.

The first category is a number of classes implemented in a library package, winSystm.cls. These classes are used to interact with Windows system objects like the event log and the clipboard. The second category is OLE Automation . The last category is the Windows Scripting Host engine.

These extensions are currently only available on Windows. The Windows Scripting Host and OLE Automation can only be implemented on Windows. Some of the classes, such as the WindowsEventLog and the WindowsRegistry classes must be, by their nature, Windows specific. Some of the other classes, such as the MenuObject or WindowObject classes could certainly be enhanced to be cross-platform. However, at this time there are no plans to do so.

This book is intended for people who plan to develop applications using ooRexx and one or more of the Windows specific classes. In general no special knowledge of Windows programming is needed to use the Windows extensions. Therefore this book is applicable for users ranging in experience from the novice ooRexx programmer, to the experienced application developer.

This book is a reference rather than a tutorial. It assumes the reader has some exposure to object-oriented programming concepts and Rexx programming.

The use and syntax of all the classes and their methods is covered in this book. A brief overview of OLE Automation and the Windows Scripting Host Engige is given. Many of the descriptions of class methods also include example code snippets.

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