Retrieves all value entries of a given key into a compound variable. The name of the variable must include the period. The suffixes of the compound variable are numbered starting with 1, and for each number the three values are the name (, the data (, and the type (var.i.type). The type is NORMAL for alphabetic values, EXPAND for expandable strings such as a path, NONE for no specified type, MULTI for multiple strings, NUMBER for a 4-byte value, and BINARY for any data format.

If key_handle is omitted, the values of CURRENT_KEY are listed.


qstem. = rg~QUERY(objectrexxkey)
do i=1 to qstem.values
say "name of value:" "(type="lv.i.type")"
if lv.i.type = "NORMAL" then
say "data of value:"