Closes an open event log. If no log is open, this method does nothing.


There are no arguments.

Return value:

This method returns 0 on success. If there is an error closing the event log the operating system error code is returned. An error is highly unlikely.


The following code snippet opens the default event log (the Application log,) displays some information about the log, then closes the open log.

log = .WindowsEventLog~new

ret = log~open
if ret == 0 then do
  say "  Total records:     " log~getNumber
  say "  First record number" log~getFirst
  say "  Last record number " log~getLast
  say "  Log is full?       " log~isFull

/* Output might be:

  Total records:      1827
  First record number 1
  Last record number  1827
  Log is full?        0