Returns the style and extended style flags of the window. This method is intended for use by programmers that have some knowledge of the Windows API and would not be much use to Rexx programmers that do not have any understanding of that API.

The styles are returned in a string of two words. The first word is the window style and the second word is the extend window style. Each word is in the format: 0xAAAAAAAA where A represents any hexadecimal digit. If an error happens, the numerical system error code is returned instead of a string with two words.


-- This function will return an array with all matching windows.  An empty array
-- signals no match.
windows = fuzzyFindWindows(deskTop, text)

if windows~items > 0 then do wnd over windows
  say 'Found this window.'
  say '  Title:   ' wnd~title
  say '  Class:   ' wnd~wClass
  say '  Position:' wnd~coordinates
  say '  Styles:  ' wnd~getStyle

/* Output might be:

Found this window.
  Title:    GetMenuState Function - MSDN Library - Microsoft Document Explorer
  Class:    wndclass_desked_gsk
  Position: 0,0,1152,800
  Styles:   0x16cf0000 0xc0040900

Found this window.
  Title:    C:\work.ooRexx\3.x\main
  Class:    ExploreWClass
  Position: 0,25,1150,804
  Styles:   0x16cf0000 0xc0000900