Returns a stem that stores information about the child windows of the associated window. "Stem.0" contains the number of child windows. The returned stem contains as many records as child windows. The first record is stored at "Stem.1" continued by increments of 1. Each record contains the following entries, where each entry starts with an exclamation mark (!):


The handle of the window.



The window class.




1 if the window has child windows, 0 if is has none.



      wo = winmgr~find("TestDialog")
        enum. = wo~enumerateChildren
        do i = 1 to enum.0   /* number of children */
           say "---"
           say "Handle:" enum.i.!Handle
           say "Title:" enum.i.!Title
           say "Class:" enum.i.!Class
           say "Id:" enum.i.!Id
           say "Children:" enum.i.!Children
           say "State:" enum.i.!State
           say "Rect:" enum.i.!Coordinates