Procedures for Contributions

Contributions to the ooRexx Project

The contribution from a Developer is to be provided to the ooRexx project as a context diff (patch file) against the current revision of a configuration item in the SourceForge Subversion repository. Included with the patch file is a text file stating the source of the contribution ("contribution source statement"), and a link to the appropriate compatible license. The contribution is to be uploaded as a new ooRexx SourceForge "patches" tracker item. An ooRexx Committer will review the contribution and the source statement and will decide whether the contribution will be accepted or rejected. If the contribution is rejected, the Committer will consult with at least one other Committer for confirmation, and will advise the contributor of the rejection. If the contribution is accepted the Committer will apply the patch against their working version, do sufficient testing, and commit the changes to the repository. The commit comments MUST include the text of the Developer's "contribution source statement".

When a Committer commits a change to the repository, they MUST include a statement indicating the source of the contribution.

Examples of "contribution source statement"

"Changes to kernel/classes/ThisProg.ccp (rel 1.23) are original work of Fred Bloggs <>"


"Changes to kernel/classes/ThisProg.ccp (rel 1.23) are taken from The Bloggs Editor <>
by Fred Bloggs <>. The Bloggs Editor is distributed under the Bloggs License v2.3: