Open Object Rexx Project Status
January - 2005

Web Site

The new ooRexx Web Site has been built, and the ooRexx domains;,, and now point there.

Interpreter Status

We now have the interpreter building on Windows and Linux. The Windows port also builds as a self-extracting executable, using NSIS rather than the IBM installer which used InstallShield. A number of problems are still outstanding with the Solaris port. We are still looking for help with the AIX platform as none of the current team has access to an AIX machine.

Further work has gone into reorganizing the directory structure for the source to make things more consistent and easier to find. Changes to the source are also continuing to isolate the platform specific code.

Formal testing of ooRexx has commenced. We have received a copy (not for distribution) of the IBM test suites. We have been fortunate to have Walter Pachl come on board to assist with testing. Walter was the original test lead for the IBM Rexx Compiler.


The documentation has been completely converted to DocBook. This should make revising the documents easier and more portable in the future. There are still a few formating problems with the documents but they are mostly in very good shape.

The documentation source should appear on SourceForge sometime during the month of Feburary. It will be in a seperate CVS module from the interpreter.

Project Administration

The proposed Project Charter has been accepted by the Development Team and has been submitted to the Rexx Language Association for approval. We hope to have it approved early in Feburary.

Initial roles for the current project team have been defined. Who is doing what can be seen on the ooRexx Contacts page.


Work is continuing on the RxFtp class library replacement.

As always you can subscribe to the oorexx-announce mailing list to receive development updates and news like this.

Submitted by
The Open Object Rexx Project Team