Open Object Rexx Project Status
June - 2006

Web Site

The ooRexx Web Site is operational and the ooRexx domains,, and point there.


The ooRexx team would like to apologies for not updating the project status page more often. We want to assure everyone that the project is moving forward and is actively being worked. We will try to be better in the future.

Interpreter Status

On June 5, 2006 we released the ooRexx 3.1 beta 1 packages. We expect the beta to run for 2-3 weeks and then we will release the first 3.1 release candidate. We hope to have the 3.1 release available before the end of July.

Rick and David are deep into the 64-bit rewrite of the code (we call it version 4.0). There is still a long way to go in order to get the new version working. Our plan is to put the code up in the SourceForge Subversion repository as soon as we get the 3.1 version out the door. This will make what we are doing public and we can begin to get some feedback on our direction with the new code base. If you want to help just drop a line to the oorexx-devel mailing list.

If you have been looking for a way to contribute to the ooRexx Project and you are not a C/C++ programmer, then the ooRexx test framework is your golden opportunity. We want the test framework to have complete coverage of the ooRexx interpreter and external function packages. So if you have an area of expertise in ooRexx, here is your chance to contribute unit tests to the test framework. Just drop a note to the oorexx-devel mailing list and we can get you started.


Version 3.1.0 Beta 4 of the documentation is available. This update corresponds to the ooRexx 3.1 Beta 1 release.

Project Administration

David Ashley has taken on a more active project management role this year. He will be actively assigning tasks for the project team to complete and will be directly responsible for making sure the web sites are up to date.

Related News

Rony has released his Open Office interface package for ooRexx (BSF4Rexx). This will allow ooRexx to be used as an Open Office macro language. You can get a copy from his BSF4Rexx web site.


As always you can subscribe to the oorexx-announce mailing list to receive development updates and news like this.

Submitted by
W. David Ashley for the Open Object Rexx Project Team