Open Object Rexx Project Status
August - 2006

Web Site

The ooRexx Web Site is operational and the ooRexx domains,, and point there.


Open Object Rexx 3.1 is now generally available. It was release on August 21 after several beta and one release candidate release cycles. The ooRexx Team believes this is the best ooRexx so far. A large number of bugs were fixed, a new builtin class was introduced, and the documentation was enhanced.

The new release was downloaded a large number of time in the first few days of its availability and appears to be on its way to becomming the most used Rexx implementation.

Interpreter Status

On August 21 we relased Open Object Rexx 3.1. It can be downloaded from the ooRexx SourceForge Download Page.

We expect implement the Subversion system for ooRexx very soon. The new Subversion system will be used to house the source for the 4.0 version of ooRexx. The CVS repository will continue to house the 3.x versions.

If you want to help just drop a line to the oorexx-devel mailing list.


Version 3.1.0 of the documentation is available. This update corresponds to the ooRexx 3.1 release.

Project Administration

No news to report this month.

Related News

Rony has a new release of his Open Office interface package for ooRexx (BSF4Rexx). This will allow ooRexx to be used as an Open Office macro language. You can get a copy from his BSF4Rexx web site.


As always you can subscribe to the oorexx-announce mailing list to receive development updates and news like this.

Submitted by
W. David Ashley for the Open Object Rexx Project Team