Open Object Rexx Project Status
December - 2006

Web Site

As of Dec 5 there had been 10680 visitors to the ooRexx website. This averages to 137 visitors per day.


As of November 19 Open Object Rexx 3.1.1 is generally available. We have received a large number of downloads for ooRexx and are very pleased with the reception by the community.

We added some new platforms for ooRexx with the 3.1.1 release including the Mac. Many thanks to Rene Jansen for all his work putting the Mac release together. Thanks go to Rainer Tammer also for his work on the AIX release.

Interpreter Status

Many thanks to Mark Miesfeld for fixing numerous bugs in the Windows version of ooRexx. All of his fixes were included in the 3.1.1 release. This should fix most of the outstanding issues with the Windows version of ooRexx.


Version 3.1.1 Revision 4 of the documentation is available. This update corresponds to the ooRexx 3.1.1 release.

Project Administration

David Ashley will be taking on more project administrative tasks from Mark Hessling. Mark is really busy with the RexxLA RICE project.

Related News

Rony's BSF4Rexx package was included in the 3.1.1 Mac version of ooRexx. If the feedback on this is positive we may merge BSF4Rexx into all platforms supported by ooRexx.


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Submitted by
W. David Ashley for the Open Object Rexx Project Team