Open Object Rexx Project Status
April - 2007

Web Site

The web site has been successfully moved to the RICE server at Safe Data, Inc. This allows for a single server to host both the ooRexx web site and the RexxLA website. This server also hosts the RexxLA mailing lists.

As of April 27 there had been 31541 visitors to the ooRexx website. This averages to 143 visitors per day.


As of Apri 23 Open Object Rexx 3.1.2 is generally available. We have received a large number of downloads for ooRexx and are very pleased with the reception by the community.

We added some new platforms for ooRexx with the 3.1.2 release including the PPC platform and Debian Linux distributions. Windows Vista is also now supported.

Interpreter Status

Many thanks to Mark Miesfeld for fixing numerous bugs in the Windows version of ooRexx. He also fixed a number of bugs/problems with ooDialog. All of his fixes were included in the 3.1.2 release. This should fix most of the outstanding issues with the Windows version of ooRexx.

A really bad memory management bug was also fixed in the Unix/Linux version of ooRexx. It caused a segmentation fault on some large ooRexx programs.


Version 3.1.2 of the documentation is available. This update corresponds to the ooRexx 3.1.2 release.

Project Administration

David Ashley will be taking on more project management tasks from Mark Hessling as soon as the RexxLA board approves the action. Mark will be taking over David's project administration position.

Related News

Work has already started on the ooRexx 3.2 release. This will include a number of language enhancements thanks to Rick McGuire.

Work is also proceeding with the future 4.0 release, although at a slow pace. There is still no projected date for this release but progress is being made.


As always you can subscribe to the oorexx-announce mailing list to receive development updates and news like this.

Submitted by
W. David Ashley for the Open Object Rexx Project Team