Open Object Rexx Project Status
July - 2008

Web Site

As you can see the web site has a brand new look and feel. This should address some of the issues that have been raised concerning this issue as well as supplying the vision impaired some tools for using the site more effectively.


We are currently debugging the future 4.0.0 release of ooRexx. The Windows build is fairly stable but the Linux build still needs some work. We do not expect to release 4.0 before the end of 2008 as there are so many changes that need to be tested it will require an extensive debugging and testing period.

Interpreter Status

The 3.2.0 interpreter has now been out for a while and looks to be our best release so far.

The 4.0.0 interpreter is still under heavy development. It will have a host of new features and will require an extensive testing period.


The documentation for the 4.0.0 release is still under development. It will require some time to document all the new features, especially the C++ API to the interpreter. The new RexxGTK package will also need some time to document.

Project Administration

Terry Constant has left the team due to time constraints.

Related News

A new external function library is under development. It is currently named RexxGTK and will provide a nice mechanism for accessing the GTK graphics subsystem on Linux and, with the proper DLLs loaded, on Windows. ooDialog will continue to be supported for the foreseeable future but the furure as the team sees it is with the RexxGTK library.


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Submitted by
W. David Ashley for the Open Object Rexx Project Team