The Rexx Language Association manages the ooRexx project. Contact details for RexxLA.

Development Team

The ooRexx Development Team (Commiters)is:

  • David Ashley <> Project Manager
    David has over 15 years experience with the Rexx language and writing external function packages for Rexx. He is the author of the OS/2 GammaTech Rexx Superset/2 product and many shareware and freeware packages. In addition, David has extensive experience in the open source community and is the project leader for three SourceForge projects: Mod_Rexx, GTKRxDlg, and OS2Linux. David was also a developer on the OpenHPI project. He has worked on projects using everything from embedded processors up to large IBM mainframes. He has over 20 years of software development experience using multiple architectures, development environments, tools, and operating systems.
  • Moritz Hoffmann <> Commiter
  • Rick McGuire <> Principal Architect
    Rick was the developer charged with integrating Mike Cowlishaw's original Rexx interpreter into VM/CMS back in 1982. From 1982 until 1995, Rick was IBM's lead architect for Rexx issues and principal developer of the Classic Rexx and Object Rexx interpreters for OS/2. Since 1995, Rick has been heavily involved in IBM projects involving programming languages, including 3 years as a member of IBM's Java Virtual Machine development team.
  • Mark Miesfeld <> ooDialog developer an Committer
    Mark was introduced to REXX on OS/2 in the early '90s. Coming from a DOS and C background he quickly saw how much more useful REXX was than batch files and how rapidly non-trivial programs could be written. He spent 7 years leading Software Test Automation projects implemented primarily in Open Object REXX and Java. He has worked extensively on development teams for Fibre Channel, SATA RAID, and iSCSI device drivers. Currently he works for AMCC writing embedded software for AMCC's line of PowerPC 4xx processors with a focus on U-boot and Linux kernel drivers.
  • John Wolfers <> Commiter